Part 1: How to Create and Format a Brochure

2024 Guide:
A complete modern guide to creating a digital brochure for your company.


A brochure is a sales and marketing tool used by brands to communicate with their target audience. This could be information about the company, product or service, research findings, an event guide, or anything else a brand wants to let its customers and prospects know about.

Brochures can be produced in print or digital form. Both have pros and cons. One thing’s for certain, however: If you want to create e—books with impact, don’t resort to tired old PDFs.

Who should create brochures?

The short answer is anyone with something valuable to communicate to an audience. Creating brochures is usually the marketing team’s responsibility, but it doesn’t need to be. Today’s brands must produce much content to move individual leads through the buyer journey. Encouraging your non-marketing colleagues to get on board with producing brochures means more targeted and personalized content right when you need it.

Where in the customer journey does a brochure belong?

Brochures can be used at any stage of the buyer or customer journey, but they are usually most effective at the awareness, consideration, or decision-making stage.

At these points, your leads are interested in discovering more about how the product or service works and perhaps a bit more about who you are as a brand. You can address pain points and barriers to sales with a sales brochure, offer different use cases, highlight specific features, and encourage the lead to get in touch by filling in a form or reaching out to your sales team.

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